Kwarans in Diaspora Float New Group, KID

Pricked by the high rate of poverty and the need to bring development back to their home state, Kwara indigenes across the globe have announced the formal formation of a group, Kwarans in Diaspora (KID), with a view to assisting the government and people of the state out of its many development challenges.

The group, according to information made available to E-kwara, was formed early this year to rally Kwarans leaving abroad towards the development of the state.

The Protem coordinator of the group, Mr. Akeem Amao, who is also a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, said efforts are in top gear to mobilize Kwarans leaving abroad to attend the group’s inaugural meeting in the United Kingdom.

Akeem Amao with APC leaders
Akeem Amao with APC leaders













Mr. Amao, a UK-based multi-millionaire and automobile dealer, stated that the group is currently putting the necessary structures in place for its eventual take-off. He therefore solicited support from well-meaning Kwarans home and abroad towards a successful take-off of the organisation.

In a recent post, Mr. Akeem disclosed that KID is registering ‘volunteers, administrators and its branches coordinators’ across the world.


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