Thugs Mob Kwara Works Commissioner over Cash Handouts


Our Reporter

The Kwara state Commissioner of Works, Dr. Amuda Kannike yesterday experienced the other side of political thugs as he was mobbed and his private Prado jeep touched at his ancestral home in Gambari area of Ilorin East local government area of the state.

Mr. Kannike, who was in the area to attend a prayer session organized in his honour by members of his family, was waylaid by hoodlums who reportedly demanded to have a share of state money from him.

When several efforts to calm the hoodlums failed, Kannike reportedly quickly dipped his hands into his pocket and handed out N20,000 for one of the leaders of the thugs to settle the ‘good boys.”

“It was not until Kariyababu (as Mr. Kannike is fondly called in his local community) gave out the money that he was allowed to leave the venue of the prayer.”

“That was enough to save the day, as the attention of the thugs were then diverted to their leader, who also had his clothe torn by his mates.”

Even at that, E-Kwara learnt that a couple of the thugs still mounted his car insisting that they be separately settled before he would be allowed to take his exit. Several sources who witnessed the drama informed E-Kwara that it was when the hoodlums realized that Mr. Kannike was not going to give in to further demands and asked his driver to speed off that the thugs, who had hung onto his car let go.

It will be recalled that the Kwara state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had raised an alarm late last week that some chieftains of the All Progressives Congress (APC) were breeding political thugs and street urchins ahead of the 2015 elections. Although the state chapter of the APC refuted the claim insisting that the PDP was only raising a false alarm, analysts have nevertheless warned against the surreptitious build-up of arms and ammunition in the state, describing the situation as ‘serious and capable of throwing the state to a war zone.”


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