We want You Together, Popular Blogger Calls For Linda & Wizkid


The Linda and Wizkid story has been around for “ages” and have gotten so many people’s attention on every social network and all.

Am not really going to talk about what started the whole thing, as so many people believed that Linda ‘loves’ publishing phishing stories about Wizkid, whereas the ace writter as deny doing such, instead she’s only doing her work.

And now some days ago, Wizkid was reported to have ‘invaded’ Linda’s instagram post when he commented some annoying things, and then replies (from Linda & Wizkid) started flying in, Linda was called a Bi*ch and Wizkid was called a Child.

This are all normal things that would happen during misunderstanding, and i don’t want either of them to take this words as real as it was said (they were all just word of mouth).

Linda is obviously older than Wizkid, but they are both adults, and we (Nigerians) expect them to solve this issues amicably instead of coming at each others again! We’d love seeing you together and not splited. Thanks in advance to you two for your anticipated reconcilation.

Osinuga Oriola

NaijaEverything C.E.O

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